About Us

The North Newton School Corporation’s vision is:

“North Newton Community School will engage,
educate, and empower students for an ever-changing world.”

We can engage students by helping them find relevance in their learning experiences; We can educate students with rigor and high expectations; We can empower students to expand upon learning experiences and embrace their future by cultivating relationships with one another and the world we live in.

These five Core Values drive the district toward excellence:

Accountability and Responsibility:

Use strategic planning intentionally to develop/implement strategies to achieve the vision. Each person affiliated with the NNSC including students , employees, parents/family members, and community stakeholders share accountability for student performance results and for providing personal best effort in support of corporation goals

High Expectations:

Celebrate success for students and staff, bring the community in and send students out, challenge and empower students and control the story to eliminate negative feedback. Our learning organization requires that we maintain high expectations for one another and for self.

Student Focus:

Create opportunities for students in programming by increasing connections with trades and colleges that will provide students with certificates and credits as they prepare for their future world. We are truly putting students’ interests first and making every decision based on what is best for our students, both now and in the future.

Evidence-Based Decision Making:

Expand the use and understanding of the data dashboard that includes school board, school leadership, staff, students, and school stakeholders. Decisions are made after careful consideration of the most compelling research and data analysis

Continuous Improvement:

In every aspect of the strategic plan, determine a baseline (where we are) with standards and measures of success. As good as NNSC is, NNSC can always achieve better results. NNSC will constantly try to find better ways of doing the work , and once goals are achieved, higher targets are set.