Getting enough sleep is important for children of all ages. Even as adults, sleep is a time when the body can recharge and repair. Repair takes place throughout the body, especially in the brain. Studies have shown that the brain of someone who is not getting regular sleep looks similar to that of a drug user. Here are some tips on how much sleep is needed and how to better achieve this on a daily basis. 

According to the CDC, toddlers ages 1-2 years require 11-14 hours of sleep per day. Preschool age children ages 3-5 require 10-13 hours of sleep per day. School age children ages 6-12 require 9-12 hours of sleep per day. Teens require 8-10 hours of sleep and adults require 7 or more hours per day. 

Tips for achieving more hours of sleep:

How might you change things up for you or your child to help get a more restful night’s sleep?